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About Us


Brian (BK)

Brian has over 33 years in the construction trades. Brian is a USMC Veteran where he serverd from 1985-1989. Brian Served as an Assistant Chief of the Colfax Fire Department, where he volunteered there for 21 years. Brian Graduated Cum Laude from Lincoln Christian University in 2016  with a Bachelors of Arts degree in music. 


Our Guys

These are 2 of our guys. Daniel (Left) and Jeff (Right). Daniel is a 4th year apprentice and Jeff has over 45 years in the construction trade. We all work very hard, but we also have a great time and truly enjoy each others company. Sometimes they just crack me up. 


Our Sub Contractors

Our Sub Contractors are in our estimation the best of the best. Each and every one of them has commited to my ideals in building with the highest of quality and integrity.