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General Contracting Services

General Contracting / Project Management

Our kitchen remodeling plans in Bloomington, IL

We offer General Contracting and Project Management Services. This service is to help your project flow smoothly and to keep it moving forward in time and on budget

Renovation / Remodel


Renovations and Remodeling present a unique set of challenges. Understanding structure and how to properly build is the key to a quality Renovation / Remodel. We offer Kitchen, Bath, Basement Renovations and much more.



Additions to a home presents a whole new set of challenges. We listen as you share your vision for your new space. Then we take vision that and create a design that will ensure proper form and function to your home.

Custom Homes


We offer customizable homes in partnership with Wausau Homes.  Allowing us and you to design a home that will last and be called 'Home'. 

Basement Renovations


We also offer Basement Renovations.  Basements not only protect us from inclement weather they also can be an additional living area.



We offer design work for any project. We listen to all the goals you want to achieve with your project and then we go to work designing it to form, flow, and functionality of your project

Custom Kitchens and Bath Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling


Kitchens are an integral part of any home.  Having a proper design and flow to your kitchen is very, very important. 

Cabinets and Countertops


We offer a wide array of kitchen remodeling to fit just about any budget.  For example, we offer to reface cabinets and countertops

Kitchen Photo Gallery

Full Custom Kitchen Remodel


We also offer full Custom Kitchen Remodels.  All the way to blowing out walls and creating a complete custom kitchen that You want.

Custom Bathroom


A Custom Bathroom installation is not a simple thing to do, let alone to do it right.  Design and functionality of it all needs to be considered.  We offer a vast array of different options when it comes to your Bath Remodel

Half Bath Remodeling


Half bath remodels have their own unique challenges.  We offer Custom Half Bath Remodels so You get the Half bath that You want.

Bathroom Photo Gallery

Master Bath Remodeling


We also offer Full Master Bath Remodeling.  Just like with half baths, master baths have their own challenges.  We offer Custom Master Baths designs and renovations as well.

Carpentry, Decks, Doors & Windows



We offer a full range of Carpentry services. Framing Carpentry to Finish Carpentry. We  also build custom doors and built in cabinetry.

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Decks not only add extra living space to your home, it also can add value. We use quality products to and craftmanship to build a deck that will last generations. 

See Deck Gallery

Custom & Remodel Door Installation


Doors  bring a statement to your home.  Having the correct door for your space  that takes in consideration design and function is key. 

Custom & Remodel Windows


Windows bring beauty, design and function to your home. 

Home Maintenance


Home Maintenance is very important to keep your home functioning and performing properly. 

Home Maintenance

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